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The Performance Boost of a

Formula 1 Car


...with a sound signature that also

‘plays well with others’

Blends perfectly in a section while infusing extra

presence & vibrance into your solo moments 

in any style, but especially Lead & Commercial 

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  • Medium-Narrow Taper

  • Final Diameter: ​137mm (5.39")

    •     Optional 130mm (5.12")

Stem:  Yellow Brass  

Flare:  Phosphor Bronze

This bell is very easy to play, on account of its fairly narrow taper. The brass bell-stem gives the sound a traditional tone-color palate, while the phosphor bronze flare sprinkles fairy-dust on everything; enriching the your tone at every volume. 

The final flare diameter is also slightly oversized compared to common trumpets, which further helps give the sound more core and a wider projection. 



  • Lightweight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Lightweight

  • Machined in Brass

  • 0.6mm (.024") wall thickness

This leadpipe stabilizes note targets and enriches your sound with a transparency that adds 

MORE of whatever you give it. 


Available with 3 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

  • Nickel Silver 

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Keep your favorite, and/or

purchase additional slides, if you find them useful as well.


Can Ship with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Heavy Cap for 3rd valve 

Keep your favorite Top & Bottom Caps, and/or purchase 

additional caps, if you find them useful as well.

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Universal 5 - DSC_8710.jpg

If the majority of your playing happens in ensembles where you're not the only trumpet, this horn is guaranteed to fit in 100%. You'll get the luxurious playing benefits of a LOTUS, while effortlessly maintaining balance & blend within the section.


We can make the final bell diameter smaller (130mm / 5.12") for a more directional sound if you wish.  If you want a narrower projection, more like a traditional Lead horn, or you're concerned about blending in a section with a very conservative idea of what a trumpet "should sound like", then perhaps 130mm is the safer choice.

If that's not a concern, and you don't have a strong preference, we strongly recommend keeping the design as-is, so that you get a broader sound for the same effort.  We chose it because we love it the most.  Your call.  Just let us know.  

WARNING:  Please DO NOT let your colleagues play the horn if you suspect them to be the jealous type.  That would certainly make it harder to keep the peace.  It's best if they think you're working  just as hard as they are.  ;-)