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 2020-12-18 - Lotus Trumpets Adam Rapa-6
2020-12-18 - Lotus Trumpets Adam Rapa-66

LOTUS Trumpets are "Made to Order"

  • Contact us to discuss which horn would fit you best

  • After making a 50% deposit, we build the horn and send it to you, average delivery time is around 30 weeks. (VAT will be included in the price for those countries that require it) Lotus Trumpets does not assume responsibility for customs fees.

  • Each horn includes a free LOTUS mouthpiece of our choice, 2 tuning slides, 1 heavy weight bottom cap.

  • You can try the horn for 2 weeks, use it on your gigs, and really give it a thorough test-drive.  If you LOVE it, then pay us the other 50% and the horn is yours!

  • If it's not a perfect fit, we are happy to exchange it for another model or refund your deposit.

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