RAPa 4-valve

More music

More artistic possibilities

More freedom of expression​


Any LOTUS Trumpet can be made with the 

Rapa 4-Valve configuration,

so you’re free to choose whatever sound you like and still gain access to a whole new dimension of playing


This is the only 4-valve solution that’s as comfortable to hold as a 3-valve trumpet. 

Consisting of 3 pistons and 1 rotor, it’s a superior solution for the 4-valve trumpet as designed by Adam Rapa. Controlling the rotary valve trigger with your left thumb is incredibly easy and feels like 2nd nature in no time.  

The 4th valve can either be tuned to drop the pitch of the horn by 5 half steps/semitones or by a quarter tone.

This design is a total game-changer for anyone looking to expand their range and gain access to the wealth of music written for many other instruments, and open up a world of new creative possibilities.​