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LOTUS TurboWood Mouthpieces

TurboWood is Back!

TurboWood Mouthpiece 3.jpg

Introducing a truly new class of mouthpieces with unique tonal & playing characteristics -
LOTUS TurboWood!

How does a TurboWood mouthpiece perform?


  • When you play soft, it’s even warmer and sweeter.

  • When you play loud, it’s even LOUDER & meaner.

  • There is noticeably more headroom to play louder than on the same mouthpiece in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver. In other words, TurboWood has a higher “Max capacity” of volume output.


Adam refers to this extra volume as “Beast Mode!”


Great for:

  • Playing in extreme temperatures, such as outside gigs in the winter. The wood never feels cold on your lips even in an extremely cold climate.

  • Players who are looking for the warmest tone possible.

  • Players who want a higher maximum volume capacity.


Not so good for:

  • Players who don’t have a well-developed control of their airstream. The same effect that makes the tone warmer and sweeter when you play softly can diffuse the sound and make articulations too fluffy or undefined for beginners or intermediate players.

  • If you have a diffuse tone quality and want it to be more “centered,” you’ll likely be better off with a mouthpiece made in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver.

Adam Rapa and Ashlin Parker have been our long-term playtesters. Here are their experiences:


  • The material feels very comfortable on their lips, especially after extremely long days of playing. For example, Ashlin played an intense 18 gigs in 10 days exclusively on his TurboWood 3M. He says that this was the first time he didn’t develop some kind of blisters on his lips after such an intense period of playing.

  • The lower register is even more open and rich, with a remarkable vibrating quality that you can literally feel in your bones. The material vibrates much more, and it actually transfers more vibration into your skull. This added form of physical feedback makes it even easier to hear and feel your sound in a loud environment.

  • The spectrum of tone colors is even wider across the volume range, giving you the ability to make micro changes in tone color for added drama and even greater artistic nuances.​

TurboWood Mouthpiece 1.jpg
TurboWood Mouthpiece 4.jpg

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does it need any kind of oil/lacquer treatment?
    No.  The patented material we’re using is extremely dense; so dense that it can be machined in a CNC machine just the same as our brass, bronze & nickel silver. We’ve field-tested the mouthpieces for more than three years, and haven’t seen any signs of the material deteriorating with time. However, each mouthpiece is lightly polished with Bee Wax before delivery, which gives the wood an added luster. We recommend that you apply a thin layer of Bee wax once every 6 months or so.

  • The color of the wood might change slightly, but the surface texture remains the same.

  • Will the wood crack?  Is it sensitive to damage?
    Due to the density of the material and how they’re designed, there is no chance of the mouthpieces cracking from normal use. They are, however, equally receptive to damage from any kind of activities that would damage a Brass mouthpiece.

  • How to clean it?  
    DO NOT USE SOAP and WATER!! Dry mouthpiece brush only. Swab it out with a thin cloth and store in a dry mouthpiece pouch. 

Many companies make bold claims about their products, true or not. We at LOTUS Trumpets are committed to offering genuinely improved products that can unlock more of your true potential to play with greater ease.


Our new TurboWood mouthpieces do just that!  We’re extremely proud of them. Try one of them today to find out which qualities they can unlock in YOUR playing!

Mouthpieces available for purchase are in stock and will ship within 15 business days

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