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LOTUS Mouthpieces are masterfully designed and crafted to make playing the trumpet more fun for YOU.

LOTUS Mouthpiece Descriptions:
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XL  XL2  XL3  L  L2  M  M2  S  XS  |  F-XL  F-L  F-M


Classical players and Jazzers alike: If you’ve ever fallen in love with your sound on a B cup but decided against using it because it felt restrictive in the upper register or limited your endurance, we have cracked the code!


Our XL cup is particularly useful for orchestral players; especially the 1XL & 2XL. This mouthpiece lets you maintain a sweet sound with tremendous core, but holds off on the brilliance until you start playing at or above forte. This can really help you to blend within the ensemble and avoid getting “the hand” from the conductor.  It’s also great for helping you ace all the articulation qualities the repertoire demands with ease. 


Jazz players:  This mouthpiece instantly adds a very warm, thick, sophisticated sound to your ballad playing or any other playing with a gentle approach related to Chet Baker, Blue Mitchell, etc.  Don’t worry about using a heavy or large-bore trumpet before you have heard how much richer your sound becomes just by using this mouthpiece.    

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass or Bronze)

  • 1XL = Bach 1B, GR 67LX, Monette B1-1 S5, Reeves 43.5BX, Schilke 17E, Warburton 2D, Yamaha 16D4

  • 2XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 2 rim, GR 66LX, Monette B4D, Reeves 43BX, Schilke 14E, Warburton 4D, Yamaha 15E4

  • 3XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65LX, Monette B6DS1, Reeves 42BX, Schilke 13E, Warburton 5D, Yamaha 13E4

  • 7XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64LX, Monette B7, Reeves 41BX, Schilke 11E, Warburton 6D, Yamaha 11E4


Ideal for:

  • Orchestral & Chamber music playing with a warm concept of sound (avoid getting "the hand" as often)

  • Rotary Trumpet and those performing often in smaller or older halls

  • Jazz soloists who prefer a warm and round sound and don't often venture too far up into the upper register


The Orchestral/Classical player will feel right at home on a 1XL2 Brass when coming from a 1C. Any horn will get an automatic increase in resonance that translates exactly into one of Adam Rapa’s main goals for LOTUS: you can back off of the energy input by 5-10% knowing that what is coming out of the bell is still more than what you had before. If you have always wanted the big sound of the 1C but need a narrower rim, no problem, simply choose your preferred rim number and add it to the XL2 cup.

Special note for Solo/Principal players in Orchestras or Wind Ensembles: The pitch of upper register notes WILL NOT go flatter as you play higher and you will no longer have to plan alternate fingerings for high D, Eb, or E (D3, Eb3, E3). This is crucial for success on certain passages in Mahler 6, Alpine Symphony, many film scores, etc.  We have even had feedback from players who have switched to the XL2 cup for piccolo playing because the upper register is in tune and easier to access. Imagine playing the piccolo and having a real trumpet sound!  


Jazz players:  This mouthpiece can absolutely help you add more personality and depth to your sound. The note targets are enormous, which adds a lot of confidence when improvising. The huge range of tone colors you can create makes it very easy to express yourself with tons of nuance and character.  Bring added richness to your ballad playing while also adding firepower to your Bebop lines and upper register adventures. 

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass or Bronze)

  • 1XL2 = Bach 1C, GR 67L, Monette B1-2 S3, Bob Reeves 43.5DS, Schilke 17C, Warburton 2MD, Yamaha 16C4

  • 2XL2 = Bach 1C + Lotus 2 rim, GR 66L, Monette B4SD/BLD S1, Bob Reeves 43DS, Schilke 14D, Warburton 4D, Yamaha 15D4

  • 3XL2 = Bach 2C, GR 65L, Monette B6D S1, Bob Reeves 42DS, Schilke 13D, Yamaha 15C4/25

  • 7XL2 = Bach 1C + Lotus 7 rim, GR 64L, Monette B7, Bob Reeves 41DS, Schilke 11D, Yamaha 11D4


Ideal for:

  • For large ensemble performances such as orchestras and brass bands

  • Those who want the full sound of 1C but prefer smaller rim diameters of 2, 3, and 7.

  • Jazz soloists who want to have a rich tone but still play brightly when needed.


The new XL3 cup offers one of the fattest sounds and the widest range of tone colors we’ve ever heard.  

It was born from the desire to make our XL2 cup sound bigger/broader while also offering a brilliant tone quality at louder dynamics.  We've made the cup slightly deeper in just the right way, which adds tremendous body without sacrificing its wild side.  
The upper register is readily accessible, which is very rare for a mouthpiece of this cup depth.


The XL3 offers a creamy sweetness at softer dynamics and allows for a diverse range of tone colors.  Even just between pp & mf there are dozens of micro-dynamics, each with their own colors, giving you so much room for nuanced expression. 
Once you reach Forte, it opens up with excitement and brilliance in a similar way to the XL2, but with a fatter core.


Classical & Jazz superheroes to novices all agree:  The vast majority of 1 1/4C, 1 1/2C, 3C, 5C and 7C players, find our L cup (or L2) to be IDEAL. Many players fall instantly in love with the gorgeous spectrum of tone colors and non-compressed intonation and auto-pilot note slotting.

A huge difference compared to similar cups from other brands is how shockingly open and easy your upper register becomes. For Classical players this means there’s no need to switch to something shallower for more extreme circumstances and/or piccolo playing. For improvisers, you’ll be able to take bigger risks with greater confidence,  capable of producing the sweetest whisper or most frightening roar; both regal and nasty; with no-brainer targets.  

Special Note: If you have always wanted a big 1 1/4C cup sound but need a more narrow rim diameter like the 3C, 5C or 7C, the LOTUS
 L cup is for you. Achieve a full and rounded tone with better articulation clarity that blends perfectly in a Classical setting or for a big sound in a Jazz solo context, all on the rim that fits you best. 

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver)

  • 1L = Bach 1 1/4C, GR 67.4, Monette B2-S3, Reeves 43.5CS, Schilke 16C, Warburton 3MD, Yamaha 16B4

  • 2L = Bach 3C,  GR 3M/66M, Monette B4S1, Reeves 43CS, Schilke 14C, Warburton 4MD, Yamaha 14D4

  • 3L = Bach 5C, GR 65MX, Monette B5, Reeves 42CS, Schilke 13C, Warburton 5MD, Yamaha 13C4

  • 7L = Bach 7C, GR 64L, Monette B7, Reeves 41DS, Schilke 11D, Yamaha 11D4​

Ideal for:

  • A player who wants the cup depth of a 1 1/4C but needs a more narrow rim diameter of our 2,3 or 7

  • Orchestral players who want a broad sound but need just a bit of help reaching the upper register

  • Jazz soloists who find the XL2 to be too deep but still want a full and warm and round tone


The L2 is a C-cup equivalent optimized for Jazz & Commercial players willing to trade in a little bit of the warmth & width in their sound in exchange for maximum firepower in the upper register, and a more crisp, punchy playing experience all-around. Those qualities are especially pronounced in the nickel silver version, which effectively turns this mouthpiece into the L cup’s evil twin; a C cup that can become a flamethrower when you step on the gas.
If you’re a Classical player looking for the maximum amount of “pop” in your articulations, and super clear, almost percussive note divisions within slurred lines, definitely try this cup.

If you’re the type to play lead on a 3C, or a Jazz soloist who wants some extra help to cut through the band on aggressive solos, you’ll adore the 2L2  (Especially in nickel silver.)

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver)

  • 1L2 = Bach 1 1/2C, GR 66.8L/66.9/67L, Monette B3-S3, Reeves 43.5C692, Schilke 15C, Warburton 3MC, Yamaha 15B4

  • 2L2 = Bach 3C, GR 3M/66M, Monette B4S2, Reeves 43C692, Schilke 14C, Warburton 4MD, Yamaha 14C4/Bobby Shew Jazz

  • 3L2 = Bach 5C, GR 65MX, Monette B6S1, Reeves 42C692, Schilke 13C, Warburton 5MC, Yamaha 13C4​

Ideal for:

  • A player looking for Bach 1 1/2C/3C/5C with a turbo boost

  • A player who wants the bigger cup volume of the 1 1/2C but needs a more narrow rim like our 2 or 3. 

  • Gaining upper register access and increased endurance of a 1 1/2C but without the loss in breadth of sound. 

  • In Nickel Silver, this cup lights up and becomes very nearly on fire.  


The Lotus M cup deserves special attention from the huge percentage of players who are a little less “specialized” in their musical context and simply need a cup that is neither too deep nor too shallow, produces a full and colourful tone that is neither too shiny nor too dark and offers a BIG boost into the upper register compared to any C cup.
The M cup is perfect for a Classical player who needs some more sizzle when playing things like West Side Story or Star Wars, or for effortless piccolo playing.  It lets Jazz players tear through an army of other instruments on stage while maintaining a fat, rich sound; perfect for Trumpet Hero moments or turning heads in a 2nd Line parade on the streets of New Orleans.
The backbore is designed to further fatten up the tone, so while it's roughly the size of a D cup, it sounds as big as a C cup, only brighter.  This makes it a great option for Lead players accustomed to shallower cups who want to add more depth to their sound, both for solos and milder section parts, without losing that lovely sparkle. 
Special note to teachers:  This is the top choice for beginners and for students who are not going to be Classical musicians and simply need help playing higher but with a full sound that works perfectly for Wind Ensemble, Solo recitals, Big Band and Marching Band.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver)

  • 1M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 667M, Monette B1-LDS1, Reeves 43.5M, Schilke 17B, Warburton 3M, Yamaha 16D4

  • 2M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3M, Monette B4LD/2S3 or BLM S1, Reeves 43M, Schilke 14B, Warburton 4M, Yamaha 14B4

  • 3M = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65M, Monette B6LD S1, Reeves 42M, Schilke 11B, Warburton 5M, Yamaha 13B4

  • 7M  = Bach D cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64M, Monette B7LD S1, Reeves 41M, Schilke 11B, Warburton 6M, Yamaha 11B4​

Ideal for:

  • Beginner or young student who needs help adding range to maintain interest in playing

  • Piccolo trumpet players who would love to get away from a overly bright and nasal tone quality

  • Musical theatre, commercial work, studio session where range and good tone are very important

  • Players who normally use something a little more shallow who are not Lead players and really would love a much bigger sound but keep the upper register boost.


The M2 was added to our menu at the request of players looking for a more fiery and aggressive alternative to the M cup, specifically geared towards lead, studio and commercial playing.  It’s just a little bit shallower than our M cup, has a slightly tighter 3.7mm throat, a more sporty Bach 76ish backbore, and only comes in nickel silver — all of which contribute to this mouthpiece being one step away from being a true Lead mouthpiece.
Much more so than with the M cup, this one really sounds more like a lead mouthpiece — BUT, it’s still got more cup volume than actual lead cups, so it’s perfect for players who “can’t play shallow cups”.  That makes it absolutely perfect for playing all those big band high-note ballads that still require low/middle register playing. It brings more richness and the opportunity for more musical nuance than a categorically "Lead" mouthpiece.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Nickel Silver)

  • 1M2 = GR 67MS, Monette B1-L S1, Reeves 43.5M692, Schilke 17B3A, Yamaha 16D4A

  • 2M2 = GR 3MS/66MS, Monette B4LD S1, Reeves 43M692, Schilke 14B3A, Yamaha 14B4

  • 3M2 = GR 65MS, Monette B2L S3, Reeves 42M692, Schilke 13B3A, Yamaha 13B4A

  • 7M2  = GR 64MS, Monette B7LD S2, Reeves 41M692, Schilke 11B3A, Yamaha 11B4

Ideal for:

  • Lead players looking for a similar bright tone, “blow/feel”  but with a less aggressive energy due to the deeper cup.  Horn section work as well.

  • For non-Lead players looking to greatly increase upper register access and a general vibe of “brighter and tighter” but cannot play on “shallow cups”.

  • 2nd book players in Big Band who need help keeping up with the Lead player on the Soli sections but still want a full tone when stepping out for the solo feature spots.

  • For any piccolo trumpet with a stuffy or dull tone.


The Lotus S cup is what we consider to be our classic/traditional Lead cup. You know the age-old script: “The ultimate lead mouthpiece! Adds extra notes to your range! Has a great, big sound!”  This might be the closest you’re ever gonna find.
This mouthpiece produces a surprisingly rich tone for such a shallow cup. Many section players will appreciate that they can more easily match your tone color without having to resort to a shallow mouthpiece themselves while covering the 3rd or 4th book. The sound stays wide open from the highest notes in your range to low F#. This is the kind of lead mouthpiece that other musicians actually like to listen to.
Classical players who are accustomed to using a Bach 7E or 7EW on piccolo will find this cup to be a good comparison. As with all Lotus mouthpieces, the tone will be more broad, the articulation will be clear and clean and the upper register will not go flat.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 in Brass or Nickel Silver)

  • 1S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 67S, Monette B1-5L, Reeves 43.5S, Schilke 17A4, Warburton 3SV, Yamaha 16A4

  • 2S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3S/66LS, Monette B4LS S1/Bl S1, Reeves 43BS, Schilke 14A4, Warburton 4SV, Yamaha 14A4

  • 3S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65S, Monette B6L S1/BL2, Reeves 42S, Schilke 13A4, Warburton 5SV, Yamaha 13A4

  • 7S = Bach E cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64S, Monette BL S1/MFIII, BL2J/BL4 S6, Reeves 41S, Schilke 11A4, Warburton 6SV, Yamaha 11A4

  • 9S = Bach E cup adapted to Lotus 9 rim, GR Wayne Bergeron/62S, Reeves 40S, Schilke 6A4, Yamaha 7A4

  • 11S = Bach E cup adapted to Lotus 11 rim, Monette BL6, Schilke 5A4, Yamaha 6A4​

Ideal for: 

  • Lead players looking for a big, fat traditional Lead sound.  Think Basie or Sinatra recordings with Big Band

  • For piccolo players coming from Bach 7E or 7EW.

  • For players who prefer a Lead mouthpiece with a more open blow similar to the GR Bergeron or Schilke 12-14A4


The LOTUS XS perfectly fits the definition of “screamer.” The good news is that we have managed to create a very shallow mouthpiece that has clear articulation, can still make a big fat sound when asked to and has super secure note targeting accuracy in the upper register. We like to think of the XS cup as a trumpeter’s guilty pleasure.
Anyone accustomed to using such a shallow cup will really appreciate the improved tone color. It is not often that a player can still sound big and bold on this type of cup only to be able to instantly flip the switch from Zippo to flamethrower without having to use excessive force. The upper register access is very easy and on target at all times. This is a great choice for anyone who has always dreamed of using a very shallow cup but gets turned off by the overly harsh tone most other brands create.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 in Brass or Nickel Silver)

  • 1XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 1 rim, GR 67.7SZ, Monette B1-LS S1, Reeves 43.5ES, Schilke 17A4A, Yamaha 16A4A

  • 2XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 2 rim, GR 3XS/66SZ*, Monette B4L S1, Reeves 43ES, Schilke 15A4A, Yamaha 15A4A

  • 3XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65SZ*, Monette B6LV S1, Reeves 42ES, Schilke 13A4A, Yamaha 13A4A/Shew Lead

  • 7XS = Bach F cup fit to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64ES, Monette B2J/BL2 S3, Reeves 41ES, Schilke 14A4A, Yamaha 14A4

  • 9XS = Bach F cup adapted to Lotus 9 rim, GR Wayne 62SZ*, Reeves 40ES, Schilke 6A4A, Yamaha 7A4A

  • 11XS = Bach F cup adapted to Lotus 11 rin, Schilke 5A4A, Yamaha 6A4A

Ideal for:

  • Lead players looking for maximum shine and super easy upper register access

  • Salsa players,  Earth Wind and Fire/Stan Kenton level of difficulty, easily hearing yourself on a loud stage

  • Making certain everyone knows who is in charge of the ensemble


If you’re searching for the absolute thickest, darkest, creamiest flugelhorn sound, look no further. This is a flugel soloist's dream. It unlocks a whole other level of depth and richness in high-end instruments, and breathes new life into that cheap old horn you’ve been neglecting since high school.

This mouthpiece seems like pure magic.
Never has there been a cup so deep, with a sound so enormous, that still offers un-compromised intonation. And between brass and bronze, you get the added novelty of choosing your favorite color palate. Our flugelhorn shanks 100% fit properly into Couesnon flugelhorns. This has been proven true in many many in-person testing sessions.
Special Note: This is a very deep cup. Normally that would imply it gets so flat in the upper register that the “high C” is an entire semi
tone off, leaving you with the unenviable choice of either fighting like hell to make it work above the staff, or simply not going there at all.  Well, that’s absolutely not an issue here. High C’s & D’s are still effortlessly in-tune, and the cup also grants access above that to folks with the skill and desire to do so.  

XL cup is a "very deep" cup that comes in rims 1,2,3 and 7 in Brass or Bronze​


This mouthpiece offers what most people consider the quintessential "classic flugelhorn sound" perfectly suited to any kind of playing, from brass band to Jazz & Classical solos.  It’s an optimized version of what will feel like a very familiar style of cup.  
The big difference is that it actually stays in-tune in the upper register instead of going terribly flat and making life miserable above the staff. Here you get a rich, buttery tone and shockingly easy intonation all the way to the top of your range.    

With the option of brass or bronze, you can choose between a sound that’s more traditional vs. a more modern, denser, darker tone.  
Our flugelhorn shanks 100% fit properly into Couesnon flugelhorns. This has been proven true in many many in-person testing sessions.

Special Note: All Lotus FL cups will massively improve the sound of any model of horn, but the FL-L cup in particular is a real game-changer because most players will find this cup depth to be the correct choice. You get an in-tune scale/high C, the ability to truly play higher than high C when soloing and the ability to turn any cheap or mid-range level Flugelhorn into something that sounds much more expensive.  

LOTUS L cup is a "standard depth" cup that comes in rims 1,2,3,7 in Brass or Bronze​


This mouthpiece was designed specifically for players who usually only play flugelhorn in a big band. We’ve spoken with a lot of folks who prefer using a trumpet cup on a flugel shank to help them cut through the wall of trombones and saxes without having to play loud and hurt their endurance.
Going with that concept, we’ve created a fairly shallow V cup that gives you a more characteristic flugelhorn tone than simply choosing a small-shank trumpet mouthpiece, while still helping to project your sound forward with greater clarity, making it much easier to hear yourself.
This cup also offers an interesting bonus feature starting at forte:  It really stops being mellow at all. Instead it produces an interesting flugel/trumpet hybrid quality, which opens up some very interesting possibilities for soloists searching for new tone colors. In that regard, it’s unlike any flugelhorn mouthpiece we’ve ever heard. 
 Our flugelhorn shanks 100% fit properly into Couesnon flugelhorns. This has been proven true in many many in-person testing sessions.

LOTUS M cup is a "medium-shallow" cup that comes in rims 1,2,3,7 in Brass or Bronze​


Our mouthpieces are machined from solid Brass, Bronze & Nickel Silver.

We tested a variety of alloys before selecting our favorites

The differences are remarkable and offer you an unparalleled amount of control over every aspect of your playing experience.

All mouthpieces come to you in hypoallergenic, scratch resistant LOTUS Golden coating.



  • Brass is full, well balanced and sonically


  • For plenty of players it offers a familiar playing experience

  • Will most likely blend with other brands in a section setting



  • Added warmth and richness to tone color


  • Normal trumpet "brilliance" is held off until Forte (high-end cut)


  • ​Increased note stability


Great for:

  • Intimate sound for Jazz playing

  • Chamber playing​

  • Anytime your goal is to fill a hall without getting "the hand" from the conductor



  • More focused and brighter sound

  • Maximised note targeting

  • Extra clarity to  articulation


Great for:

  • Lead, Big Band and  Commercial playing

  • Anyone looking for maximum help with accuracy

  • Adding extra life to duller-sounding/older horns 

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