LOTUS Mouthpieces are  

masterfully designed and crafted to make playing

the trumpet more fun for YOU 

Classical players and Jazzers alike: If you’ve ever fallen in love with your sound on a B cup but decided against using it because it felt restrictive in the upper register or limited your endurance, we have cracked the code!


Our XL cup is particularly useful for orchestral players; especially the 1XL & 2XL. This mouthpiece lets you maintain a sweet sound with tremendous core, but holds off on the brilliance until you start playing at or above forte. This can really help you to blend within the ensemble and avoid getting “the hand” from the conductor.  It’s also great for helping you ace all the articulation qualities the repertoire demands with ease. 


Jazz players:  This mouthpiece instantly adds a very warm, thick, sophisticated sound to your ballad playing or any other playing with a gentle approach related to Chet Baker, Blue Mitchell, etc.  Don’t worry about using a heavy or large-bore trumpet before you have heard how much richer your sound becomes just by using this mouthpiece.    


Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7 in Brass or Bronze)

1XL = Bach 1B, GR 67LX, Monette B1-1 S5, Reeves 43.5BX, Schilke 17E, Warburton 2D, Yamaha 16D4

2XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 2 rim, GR 66LX, Monette B4D, Reeves 43BX, Schilke 14E, Warburton 4D, Yamaha 15E4

3XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 3 rim, GR 65LX, Monette B6DS1, Reeves 42BX, Schilke 13E, Warburton 5D, Yamaha 13E4

7XL = Bach 1B cup adapted to Lotus 7 rim, GR 64LX, Monette B7, Reeves 41BX, Schilke 11E, Warburton 6D, Yamaha 11E4

  • Throat size: XL = 4.0 mm (Bach #22)

Ideal for:

  • Orchestral & Chamber music playing with a warm concept of sound (avoid getting "the hand" as often)

  • Rotary Trumpet and those performing often in smaller or older halls

  • Jazz soloists who prefer a warm and round sound and don't often venture too far up into the upper register


XL   XL2   L   L2   M   M2   S   XS  |  F-XL   F-L   F-M

HC Explained:  High Compression (HC) throats are available for XL2, L, L2 and S cups only. 

XL2, L, L2 = 3.9mm throats.  XL2HC, LHC, L2HC = 3.7mm throats. S = 3.8mm throat. SHC = 3.6mm throat.

Throat size affects how freely air flows through the mouthpiece and the breadth of tone projection. 

Match the throat size of your mouthpiece to ours for a proper match. You might need to look it up first.

Mouthpiece comparison Chart .pdf


Our mouthpieces are machined from solid BrassBronze & Nickel Silver.

We tested a variety of alloys before selecting our favorites

The differences are remarkable and offer you an unparalleled amount of control over every aspect of your playing experience.

All of our mouthpieces come to you silver plated



  • Brass is full, well

      balanced and sonically


  • For plenty of players it offers a familiar playing experience

  • Will most likely blend with other brands in a section setting



  • Added warmth and richness to tone color


  • Normal trumpet "brilliance" is held off until Forte (high-end cut)


  • ​Increased note stability


Great for:

  • Intimate sound for Jazz playing

  • Chamber playing​

  • Anytime your goal is to fill a hall without getting "the hand" from the conductor



  • More focused and brighter sound

  • Maximised note targeting

  • Extra clarity to  articulation


Great for:

  • Lead, Big Band and  Commercial playing

  • Anyone looking for maximum help with accuracy

  • Adding extra life to duller-sounding/older horns