Whatever styles of music you play, we've got something that’ll make your experience easier and more fun 

LOTUS Mouthpieces are:

  • Remarkably easy to play in tune

  • Especially in the upper register

  • ...which helps improve your tone, accuracy & endurance

  • Familiar-feeling rims & cups for 

      a very comfortable transition

  • Your choice of Annealed Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver for finer control over tone color, projection, and the balance of stability vs. flexibility

  • Manufactured in Italy with remarkable precision

  • Now more affordable than ever 


"I, Adam Rapa, do solemnly swear that your mouthpiece choice is way more important than what horn you play. The mouthpiece is the real instrument, with a very fancy amplifier attached.  


It defines what we call our "sound" more so than the horn.  It certainly plays a bigger role in determining our rangearticulation quality, flexibility, endurance... the intonation of the overall instrument, and the resistance we feel while moving our air.  

Nearly every aspect of our playing experience is influenced more by the mouthpiece than the trumpet.   


Lucky for all of us, mouthpieces are much cheaper than trumpets!"

LOTUS Mouthpieces are the state of the art, 

masterfully designed & manufactured, and optimized to save you

from all the extra work that comes with playing 

most other mouthpieces

And we've gone to enormous lengths this year to make them affordable for a lot more people...

This past year we've successfully managed to:

  • Scale-up our production,

moving from Switzerland to Italy​, while...

  • improving manufacturing quality,

  • updating all of our designs,

  • adding new designs,

  • available in more materials,

  • AND cutting the price almost in half.

In brass, they're now just 129

We're extremely proud of all of this, and we're excited for you to try our new babies! 

With fast shipping and our no-risk return & exchange policy, you have absolutely no excuse not to try at least one (or more) right now

Because not everyone wants the same feel,

LOTUS Mouthpieces are available in 

different MATERIALS...



  • Maximum flexibility

  • Wide projection

  • Rich, full-bodied sound


Great for:

  • Small-group Jazz playing

  • Orchestral playing

  • Anytime your goal is to fill the room

Brass is a safe choice; a sure bet.  Its playing qualities are straight down the middle of the road and sonically



For plenty of people, and particular jobs, it's still the optimal choice.  You can't go wrong here.



  • Increased note stability

  • Super wide projection

  • Added warmth without loss of shiny high-end 


Great for:

  • Small-group Jazz playing

  • Chamber playing

  • French solo repertoire

  • Anytime your goal is to fill a hall

Bronze adds extra warmth and depth to your sound.  

The shiny harmonics remain, but the scale tips towards a warmer, thicker tone.  It's wonderful for soloists especially. 

It also adds extra stability which can really help with musical acrobatics.




  • Increased note stability

  • Quantizes the note targets even more for greater accuracy

  • More directional, brighter sound

  • Extra “pop” to your articulations


Great for:

  • Lead, Commercial & Studio playing

  • Playing into a microphone vs. acoustic

  • Anyone looking for maximum help with accuracy

  • Adding extra life to duller-sounding horns 

Nickel Silver adds lots of extra brilliance to your sound.  It especially 

weaponizes your lead playing when you step on the gas.  

100% guilty pleasure.


In case you're wondering, since it's extremely uncommon...

Our mouthpieces are machined from solid BrassBronze & Nickel Silver. 

They're not simply plated in those materials - they are those materials.  

Every mouthpiece comes Silver Plated.  As a custom order, we can also do Gold Plating by request.  Just send us a message about it. 

We've tested a variety of Brass, Bronze & Nickel Silver alloys before selecting our favorites. The differences are remarkable, and we wanted to find the absolute best. 

With these material options, LOTUS offers you an unparalleled amount of control over every aspect of your playing experience.

Almost all of our mouthpieces are available in Brass, but we only offer Bronze & Nickel Silver as options for the mouthpieces whose characteristics are complimented by the metal's influence.

For example, there's no sense in adding warmth to your screaming lead sound, or razor sharp teeth to your orchestral tone.

  • Nickel Silver is an option for our XS, S, M, M2, L & L2 cups

In fact, the M2 is only available in Nickel Silver because it's an essential element in giving them their extra fire power.


  • ​​Bronze is an option for our M, L, L2, XL, XL2 & Flugelhorn cups

Now let's find the right Cups & Rim Size for you...