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LOTUS Generation 3 Mouthpieces

LOTUS Gen 3 Mouthpiece 3-ref.jpg

What's new about the Generation 3 mouthpieces?

  • Our new LOTUS Golden coating 


  • Based on data collected from LOTUS Artists and during many in-person testing sessions with customers, we have settled upon throat sizes and backbore tapers that best serve our customers. HC vs non-HC models have been eliminated and we now offer one model per cup.

  • ​​​​​​The following cup sizes come default with our new "Marathon Rim" shape: M2, S, XS and XS2. The "Marathon Rim" was designed by LOTUS Trumpets engineer Nicolò Perina to be as comfortable and forgiving as possible for high-note playing. Adam Rapa changed his 2M2 and 3S to this new rim shape within a few notes of trying the prototypes. He says it is by far the most comfortable rim shape he's ever felt.

  • All Generation 3 mouthpieces, whether made of Brass or Bronze or Nickel Silver, are coated in LOTUS Golden color coating. All mouthpiece will be gold in color. We do not produce Silver colored mouthpieces at this time

Prices are now:

  • $179 for Brass

  • $199 Bronze/Nickel

Click here for a mouthpiece comparison chart.


Click here for a full description of rim/cup sizes available

Note that sales tax (for US customers) / VAT (for EU customers) and shipping will be added to the final price.

It is scratch resistant, and will not tarnish. The exact composition of the coating is a trade secret, but we guarantee the characteristics.

What about Generation 2 mouthpieces?

Our  Generation 2 models are no longer in production. Remaining stock is available for order while supplies last:


  • $139 for Brass

  • $159 for Bronze/Nickel

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