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Our 1st generation trumpets were 
developed with Andy Taylor & Matt Martin in England.  Early on, the horns

were being handmade in Andy's shop, 
aside from our customized MAW valve
block, produced by Meinlschmidt in Germany.


We're now making 2nd Generation 

LOTUS Trumpets, which are very different beasts. Working with companies across Europe that specialize in particular aspects of our operation brings us the highest quality products and services available.

Our glorious bells are now made by Bernd Sandner in Germany.

We're also working with master machinist 
Marco Febbrari in Brescia, Italy for all our machined parts: leadpipes, receivers,
braces, etc. 

Marco's machined parts have made a huge difference in how well our horns play, which is a very exciting upgrade.

Our extended team includes various

European companies for services like

scanning & 3D printing, and consultants

such as renowned acoustic physicist, 

professor Gregor Widholm in Vienna. Meanwhile, Mark Schwartz, "accountant

to the trumpet stars" lends his expertise

to our financial and legal needs from the

comfort of his home in Arizona.  

In the 21st century, geography is no 

barrier. Actually, the distance greatly improves our ability to assemble an all-star team. And our circle grows everyday with each new LOTUS owner or dealer who falls in love with our instruments, some of whom inevitably bring new ideas and requests; itches that we take pride in scratching for you.  




To design our mouthpieces, we worked 
with the phenomenal team of historical 
brass instrument specialists, Egger in
Switzerland, who also manufactured the
mouthpieces for us until earlier this year.

Rainer Egger, Gert Friedel & Ralf
Masurat are a dream team, and it was 
a huge honor getting to work with them.


Enter Nicolo Perina & Marco


Nicolò Perina is a fellow obsessive nerd of the highest order. He's a skilled engineer and trumpet player and has a great deal of knowledge. he's full of questions, imagination and he's fantastic at finding solutions.  

Nicolò took on the herculean task of moving the bulk of our manufacturing moved to Italy where Marco

Febbrari is producing our LOTUS Mouthpieces.

Our goal has always been to bring

impeccable quality mouthpieces to as

many people as possible. Marco's incredible shop allows us to drastically reduce our production cost while improving manufacturing quality.

This move lets us fulfill our mission of

making cutting edge, artisanal mouthpieces available at a price even suitable for children, yet designed to turbo-charge the greatest of performers.


There should be no "barrier to entry" 
for anyone to have a mouthpiece that really does make the job easier. That mouthpiece should be the standard from Day 1.

We've spent an outrageous amount of time and money on optimizing our designs, introducing new models and updating all of our existing models.


We've added material options, and

incorporated the most common requests

and feedback we've received. These are 

undoubtedly better mouthpieces,

and we are in LOVE with them! 


We're also happy to unveil a series of 

mouthpieces created to breathe new life

into your flugelhorn.

In 2023, we introduced our Generation 3 mouthpieces featuring new LOTUS Golden coating. Based on data collected from LOTUS Artists and during many in-person testing sessions with customers, we settled upon throat sizes and backbore tapers that best serve our customers. HC vs non-HC models were eliminated and we now offer one model per cup.

​Additionally, the M2, S, XS and XS2 now come with our new "Marathon Rim" shape. The "Marathon Rim" was designed by LOTUS Trumpets engineer Nicolò Perina to be as comfortable and forgiving as possible for high-note playing. Adam Rapa changed his 2M2 and 3S to this new rim shape within a few notes of trying the prototypes. He says it it by far the most comfortable rim shape he's ever felt.


A Promise To You From Adam Rapa


"Working with such a wonderful team, united with the purpose of creating the world's greatest trumpets is a dream come true.  It's been an unparalleled pleasure considering every single detail of each horn in our arsenal, and designing many of the features that set LOTUS Trumpets apart.  


I've obsessed over the smallest details of my equipment for decades, and I've had the great fortune of working with some of the brightest minds in the business.  Now, with the LOTUS team, we're bringing to life what I consider to be the ultimate trumpets.


This adventure began with me dreaming of creating my own, well, dream trumpet.  And really, that's how it will always be: every horn we make and sell is a horn I would be proud to personally own. I make every final decision regarding the design of our horns, and I do it by play-testing in controlled experiments that lead to clear answers about what works best for myself and others.  


You have my personal guarantee that there will never be a single difference between the LOTUS trumpets in my case and the LOTUS trumpets in yours. And you'll never find a player with a higher standard than mine. Rest assured, I will always be committed to providing for us both the absolute best possible gear.  Period."


Meet the LOTUS Team

Our head engineer, Nicolò Perina lives in Venice, and our head of customer service, Charley Wagner is an American living in Switzerland. Both Nicolò and Charley own a piece of LOTUS as well. That's the very definition of an owner-operated "virtual office" spread across four countries.

Our head engineer, Nicolò Perina lives in Venice, and our head of customer service, Charley Wagner is an American living in Switzerland. Both Nicolò and Charley own a piece of LOTUS as well. That's the very definition of an owner-operated "virtual office" spread across four countries.

Adam Rapa - Main Owner

Apart from his skills as a trumpet player and educator, Adam has also played a leading role in designing our gear.

He has the unique distinction of being the only master trumpeter also at the helm of a trumpet company, which is reflected in the quality of our products.

In a play-testing situation, Adam is the team's cyborg. He can perceive the effect of even the tiniest adjustment and detect even the slightest issues with incredible accuracy.

Adam plays a Rapa 4-valve Solo trumpet as his primary instrument. He has settled most recently on our 2M Nickel Silver, 2XL3 TurboWood, 2XL3 Bronze, 3S Brass and 7XS2 Brass mouthpiece.

Henrik Grahn - Main Owner

Henrik has been Adam's right hand man since the beginning of LOTUS. He's managing finances, strategizing, video editing, and acting like a Swiss Army knife, doing what's needed most in the company. Henrik was a student of Adam's for many years before joining arms for the purpose of making the world's easiest trumpet kit with LOTUS.

"It is my dream that beginners can start playing the trumpet with the equipment and education that will allow them to express themselves and share the joy of their music"

He plays our Solo trumpet and a 3M mouthpiece.




Charley WIX.jpg




Nicolò Perina - Chief Engineer

​Nicolò Perina is an ideal partner in our quest to create innovative musical equipment. As trumpeter, engineer and designer, his input is invaluable. His ambitions are enormous, and he is willing to work tirelessly to achieve those goals.

We are all very happy that he insisted on moving our manufacturing to Italy, because all the work he did to make that happen has led to our products being better than ever and certainly opened the door for us to achieve even more amazing things in the future.

Nicolò plays our solo model Trumpet and 2M mouthpiece

Charles Wagner - Head of Customer Service

​Charley joined the team shortly after meeting Adam on tour with the Youngblood Brass Band. Adam handed him a prototype LOTUS horn and mouthpiece at the first rehearsal, and Charley was instantly converted -- It's no joke.

He introduced Adam to Egger Brass Instruments in Basel, where Lotus Mouthpieces 1.0 was born, and he was there testing (an obscene amount) with Adam every step of the way throughout its development.​ Charley manages our customer service and assists Henrik in sales and is a source of good advice and good vibes.

He plays our Lead/Solo prototype 3L2 Brass, 3M2, 3S Brass, 3XS Brass and 3XS2 and FL- 3L Brass mouthpieces.

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