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This might very well be the most versatile trumpet on the planet for soloists due to the amazing variety of tone colors it produces

Solo MAX (left) 8566_high.jpg



  • Medium-Large Taper

  • Bell diameter: 140mm (5 ½")

Bell Material​

  • Stem:  Copper 

  • Flare:  Phosphor Bronze

This bell starts with a moderate taper (same as our Classic & Universal models) which greatly enhances stability and note targets, especially in the upper register.  Then towards the end, the bell opens up and finishes with a large final diameter compared to standard trumpets, giving you a much fatter sound and wider projection.

The Copper bell stem helps produce a wide range of tone colors all the way from silky smooth to ferocious, while the Phosphor Bronze flare increases projection and adds richness to the sound.



  • Medium-weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Medium-weight

  • Machined in Brass

  • 0.9mm (.035") wall thickness


Our leadpipes are machined from a solid rod, to the highest standard of accuracy.  This is a rare and difficult manufacturing process, but it’s worth the extra effort — You get greater note stability and stronger projection.


Comes with 3 Tuning Slide Options:
●  Yellow Brass – Most flexible note targets with a traditional sound
●  Phosphor Bronze – Gives more stability and a richer, fuller sound
●  Nickel Silver – Locks you into the notes and enhances brightness

The material of the tuning slide matters, a lot.  It greatly affects the sound & feel of the horn.  If you haven’t experienced this before, you’ll certainly will once you try them.


Can Ship with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Heavy 


Each trumpet comes with:
- Light weight top caps
- Medium weight bottom caps
1 Heavy bottom cap for the 3rd valve.

Universal MAX 4 - DSC_8624_edited.png
Universal 4 - DSC_8696.jpg
Universal 5 - DSC_8710_edited.jpg

Our fantastic bell design is the magic behind this very special LOTUS trumpet. Starting with a fairly narrow shape to the bell stem (same as our Classic & Universal models), it provides super easy note-slotting and incredible upper-register stability.  Eventually the shape opens up to resemble our “MAX” bell, which broadens the sound incredibly.

The copper bell stem responds with a very warm, creamy tone at softer dynamics and it can take on almost a cornet-like sweetness. This makes it delightful for chamber playing and small group Jazz.  But once you step on the gas, the bell shape asserts its nature and erupts into sonic fireworks!

The large phosphor bronze flare projects far and wide, easily filling any space with an enormous array of tone colors, even at a soft volume.  If you use a lead mouthpiece, and perhaps also the nickel silver tuning slide instead of bronze, that makes a KILLING lead & commercial sound! 

And yet, this same horn paired with a deeper mouthpiece and the bronze tuning slide gives the listener such a warm hug that you’d never suspect it could also be such a potent flame-thrower.

This might very well be the most versatile trumpet on the planet for soloists, and it still does a great job of fitting into sections of standard-fare trumpets. This is Adam Rapa’s favorite model (Ashlin Parker’s too!) and it’s been catching on like wildfire for very good reason; the Solo model is a very special trumpet.

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