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Silver (Left) 8648_high.jpg

A large & distinctive sound that’s both shiny and warm.  The Silver Flare offers a truly unique and sweet trumpet sound.

Silver (right) 8639_high_edited.jpg



  • Medium-Large Taper

  • Bell diameter: 140mm (5 ½")

Stem:  Yellow Brass  

Flare:  Pure Silver

This is the only bell we produce with an oversized flare of pure Silver, and it has a very different sound signature as a result.  

The silver flare expands the boundaries beyond a normal trumpet sound.

As Marcus Printup's gorgeous playing conveys so well; it offers a sound that’s both sweet and juicy and brilliant at the same time.



  • Medium-weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Medium-weight

  • Machined in Nickel Silver

  • 0.9mm (.035") wall thickness


Our leadpipes are machined from a solid rod, to the highest standard of accuracy.  This is a rare and difficult manufacturing process, but it’s worth the extra effort — You get greater note stability and stronger projection.


Available with 3 Slide Options:

  •  Yellow Brass – Most flexible note targets with a traditional sound

  • Phosphor Bronze – Gives more stability and a richer, fuller sound

  • Nickel Silver – Locks you into the notes and enhances brightness

    The material of the tuning slide matters, a lot.  It greatly affects the sound & feel of the horn.  If you haven’t experienced this before, you’ll certainly will once you try them.


Can ship with multiple options:


Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps:

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Heavy Cap for 3rd valve 


Each trumpet comes with  

  • Light weight top caps

  • Medium weight bottom caps

  • 1 Heavy bottom cap for the 3rd valve.

Silver bell - DSC_8672_edited.jpg
Silver caps - DSC_8667.jpg

This is a truly unique and sweet trumpet sound.  As with every LOTUS trumpet, it's incredibly stable, but there’s an added level of flexibility and a different range of colors from the rest of our line.  A common response from our Jazz improvsing friends is that they final have a horn that puts everything into one instrument.  Note bending in both directions (see Printup videos), dark and creamy tone color for Ballads, full throated joy for a shout-chorus and bright/zippy punch for horn section work is all there. All of this is due to the magic combination of the Nickel Silver leadpipe and Sterling Silver bell.

This horn is not recommended for Lead players (not due to range issues but to tone color and "blow/feel"). Orchestral players in a modern music ensemble or those appearing as a soloist might love the Silver Flare, but we do not recommend this model if the player is required to blend with more conventional sounding trumpets in a section context. 

Of all the people who fell in love when we unveiled this model at ITG '19, Marcus Printup is the one that we were most excited about. Having such a well-rounded and soulful player choose one of our horns to define his voice is a very gratifying honor, and this horn's distinctive blend of warm fatness in the core surrounded by an icy sheen really fits his voice perfectly.  

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