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A standard sized horn (with the same LOTUS upgrades as the Classic) plus a warmer/richer tone normally associated with bigger bells or heavy-wall trumpets. The instrument comes with two mouthpieces of the customer's choice, two tuning slides and a case.

LOTUS Artists performing with this instrument:

Alain Cazcarra
Patrick Bailly
Tony Amaroux
Daniel Louro

The LOTUS Universal Trumpet features a  37-style bell shape with our signature bell materials (two-piece bell with a Brass stem and Phosphor Bronze flare), and a customized MAW valve block, produced by Meinlschmidt in Germany.​

The Universal is a ML bore horn with a "feel/blow" that is similar to what most players expect from ML bore horn of standard weight. However, the sound produced by this trumpet is far more rich, warm and broad than what you'd expect from a 37/43 style horn.

Put in a shallow mouthpiece (LOTUS S, XS, XS2) for a Lead sound with a maximized core that helps hide the fact that your mouthpiece would be annoyingly bright on a standard model trumpet. 
Put in a medium-depth mouthpiece (LOTUS M2, M) for a sound that keeps up with the Lead player and has no trouble being heard over the din of a loud stage, but has a far more full and rich sound. Excellent for solo/improvisation moments or when performing in a small group or acoustic setting. Put in a deep cup (LOTUS L2, L, XL2, XL) and you'll fit right into the orchestral section or wind band. For jazzers, it can add a dose of creamy richness to be-bop lines.
If you dream of having a big sounding horn but are unhappy with the tradeoffs of playing on a big bell - needing to sacrifice range, accuracy, and endurance (or feeling like the instrument feels/sounds dull) - the Universal is for you. A 37-sized horn with all the LOTUS upgrades and a warm/rich tone normally associated with bigger bells or heavy-wall trumpets.



Medium taper (37 inspired)

Bell diameter: 130mm (5.12")


Yellow Brass  


Phosphor Bronze


The bell is 0.5 mm thicker than the bell on the Classic, which gives the Universal a more full and warm/rich tone color compared to its brighter and more standard sounding cousin (the Classic). 

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 12.52.33 PM.png




Machined in Bronze



Machined in Brass

0.6mm (.024") wall thickness

We machine our own leadpipes to ensure accuracy of proper taper and wall thickness.This results in superior note targeting, accuracy and a richer sound. 

Tuning Slides

Available with 3 slide Options

Yellow Brass

Phosphor Bronze 

Nickel Silver 

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Each trumpet comes with 2 slides of your choosing 

Vavle Caps

Ships with multiple options

Top Caps



Bottom Caps



Heavy Cap for 3rd valve 

Each trumpet comes with light weight top caps, medium bottom caps and 1 heavy bottom cap

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 11.10.37 AM.png
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