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A standard sized trumpet (with major LOTUS upgrades) that is the ideal choice for Lead and Orchestral players alike

LOTUS Artists performing with this instrument:

Ryan Kisor

Feedback from Lead players, Jazz soloists, Orchestra Principal players and everyone in between is the same:
This is the Bb trumpet that you've always wished for.  

If you are happy on a standard sized instrument and don't really need a bigger bell or any fancy bells-and-whistles, or if you are in a section setting that requires you to match tone color and general projection with others, the Classic is the LOTUS trumpet for you.  

Ryan Kisor (Lead trumpet Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra) fell in love with his immediately when he tried it.  He was surprised by how easily it played in all registers, by the tone colors available, and by how quickly he could feel at home on it.  He was using it on the gig the same week.



37 inspired taper

Final Diameter: ​130mm (5.12")​


Yellow Brass one-piece  

This bell is inspired by the standard 37 shape used by many ​in the industry. 

We've done our LOTUS magic on the taper to improve sound quality, intonation and increase resonance.

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 12.52.33 PM.png




Machined in Bronze



Machined in Brass

0.6mm (.024") wall thickness

We machine our own leadpipes to ensure accuracy of proper taper and wall thickness.This results in superior note targeting, accuracy and a richer sound. 

Tuning Slides

Available with 3 slide Options

Yellow Brass

Phosphor Bronze 

Nickel Silver 

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Each trumpet comes with 2 slides of your choosing. Ships standard with Brass and Bronze.

Lead players and Classical players should request Brass and Nickel Silver tuning slides.

Valve Caps

Ships with multiple options

Top Caps



Bottom Caps



Heavy Cap for 3rd valve 

Each trumpet comes with light weight top caps, medium bottom caps and 1 heavy bottom cap

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