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A large-belled beast of a horn that turbo-charges the size and power of everything you play

Great for soloists, but still blends in a section

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  • Medium-Large Taper

  • Final Diameter: 140mm (5 ½")

Stem:  Yellow Brass  

Flare:  Phosphor Bronze


This bell has a moderately-shaped taper throughout, but it's just a bit larger than average, which makes it great for producing a massive amount of sound and a lot of flexibility.​

The final flare diameter is oversized compared to common trumpets, which helps give the sound a wider projection and a richer core to the sound.

The Yellow Brass stem produces a traditional range of tone colors while the Phosphor Bronze flare adds overall stability, increased projection, and extra richness to the sound.  The result of this combination is:  A traditional trumpet sound, and MORE OF IT.

Larger bell stems don’t provide quite as much resistance, so you do need to enjoy moving some air.  But the horn still has a perfectly moderate bore of 11.7mm (.460") so the slightly more open feel is absolutely no problem for the majority of players. 



  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Brass

  • 0.9mm (.035") wall thickness

This leadpipe provides an incredibly fast response,

enriches your sound with a transparency that adds 

MORE of whatever you give it, 

and projects very well in large spaces.

While this horn comes equipped with our Medium weight leadpipe & receiver (perhaps the most well-rounded of the options) it's also possible to custom-order either a Lightweight Leadpipe & Receiver, for those who insist on their horns being as lightweight as possible, or a Heavyweight Leadpipe & Receiver, for players looking for the absolute maximum in projection and note security.  


While these options are possible, we do find that the majority of owners are quite happy with our Medium weight configuration, which was designed to be the "best of both worlds".   


Available with 2 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Keep your favorite, and/or

purchase the additional slide as well, if you find them both useful for different settings.

If you are intending to use this horn for Lead or Commercial playing quite a bit, let us know, and we can also include a Nickel Silver tuning slide for you to try, which can give the horn a narrower, laser-beam focus.  


We don't really recommend Nickel Silver as the primary tuning slide for most people, since a large part of what defines this horn's personality is the enormous breadth of sound it produces, and the nickel silver slide counteracts that.  But for occasions where you need to turn your shotgun into a sniper rifle, it's a very effective way to do so -- instead of, or in addition to, 

using a Nickel Silver mouthpiece.  


Can Ship with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps​:

  • Medium

  • Heavy

Keep your favorite Top & Bottom Caps, and/or purchase 

additional caps, if you find them useful as well.

One common configuration is to use the Lightweight Top Caps with two Medium Bottom Caps & one Heavy Cap on the 3rd valve. 

Universal MAX 4 - DSC_8624_edited.png
Universal 4 - DSC_8696.jpg
Universal 5 - DSC_8710_edited.jpg

Formerly known as the “Lead/Solo” model, we’ve come to find it more appropriate to define this horn by the sheer SIZE of the sound it produces, no matter the genre, and highlight that it fits perfectly with every style of playing -- for anyone who wants a bigger-than-average sound.


Classical players who prefer the breadth of their sound on a rotary (“German”) trumpet, which also have larger bell shapes very similar to this one, will feel completely at home with this horn in any orchestral or chamber setting.


Jazz & Commercial players will be shocked at how easy it is to demolish every other instrument in the room when duty calls, like when the rhythm section is cranked up way too loud, and they didn’t give you a mic...  Absolutely no problem.  This horn will let you soar over any ensemble. 


Folks who prefer the blow of say, a Yamaha Bobby Shew or a Bach 42, might feel more at home on our Universal or Solo models due to their smaller bell taper.  But if you’re more into horns like the Van Laar Oiram or Monette P3, you’ll find this to be in the same general category, while outperforming both by far.


Lead players will enjoy how lead mouthpieces (especially our XS & S cups, particularly in nickel silver) turn this horn into the most obscenely murderous soloistic lead sound.  Think early Maynard:  

Little mouthpiece + Big (light-weight) horn = 🔥


Ashlin Parker has been rocking this model for several years, in combination with our 3M mouthpiece in Nickel Silver.  This is a configuration that works incredibly well, for the same reason as with lead mouthpieces:  

A larger-than-average bell paired with a small or small-ish cup (in this case, the equivalent of a Bach D cup) creates an enormously fat sound (thanks to the horn) with a shocking amount of fire & upper register control as well (thanks to the mouthpiece).  


Nickel Silver and/or Bronze mouthpieces also add extra note-target stability, which makes a large-belled horn feel even more secure.  And having a bell this size allows you to use smaller cups while retaining a depth and core to your sound that normally only comes from deeper cups.  Ashlin's magnificent, full-bodied sound is a perfect example of this, both while soloing over the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and in more intimate settings like his tenure in the late, great Ellis Marsalis' quintet.


Adam Rapa has used this exact setup the majority of the time over the past few years as well.