LOTUS Trumpets are simply easier to play. They offer you an incredible sound, amazing accuracy and the security to take greater risks. Enjoy a stronger sense of confidence and have more fun playing than ever before.


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    We use the special, patented MAW valve block, which combines the best qualities of pistons and rotors. This valve block makes your playing so much easier.  Every note feels and sounds perfectly identical, with greater clarity and stability.  It makes everything easier.


    The unique MAW valve has perfectly smooth, round ports and eliminates the disruptive bumps that create uneven resistance among different valve combinations.


    I will not play on another valve block. Period. This is the future.

    Our MAW blocks include some exclusive LOTUS modifications, like a long-throw 3rd valve slide which can extend out to play ‘pedal F’.  And because there’s absolutely zero added resistance when pushing any or all valves down, the low F# and low F are WIDE OPEN.


    You’ll understand how awesome this it once you try our trumpets!



    This is one of Andy Taylor’s greatest innovations.  The improvement in note security is AMAZING!


    Manufactured out of a solid rod, unlike traditional “drawn tube” leadpipes, this delivers a much higher level of precision & consistency, and drastically improves the horn’s performance.


    Andy’s pioneering technique starts by drilling the inside shape with a long, tapered drill.  Then he removes all the excess metal from the outside, leaving what looks like a regular lead pipe.  The result is a leadpipe made of perfectly tension-free metal, and notes slot like never before.



    What kind of sound do YOU want?  No matter what colors and textures you’re looking for, you’ll find them here.


    Andy Taylor is one of the greatest bell makers of all time.  Combining old-world craftsmanship with an extensive knowledge of acoustic physics and loudspeaker technology, he’s pioneered the creation of wild & gorgeous custom shapes, and taken bell-making to whole new level.


    We’ve conducted extensive research and play-testing to develop a menu of our absolute favorite sounding bells.  Masterfully hand-hammered of various metals, shapes and thicknesses to provide perfect options for every musical setting.


    While each of our bell types possess unique sound qualities, they share many traits in common:


    • They ensure your sound will never distort or become crass, no matter how loud you play.


    • They also make it much easier to play at loud dynamics without the need for spending too much of your energy.


    • They offer you improved note accuracy, or what feels like “quantization” in MIDI terms.


    * They sound great close-up in a microphone, and also project effortlessly to let you fill large halls.


    • While they each have a “nature” that’s most well-suited for particular applications, they still respond very well to mouthpiece changes, and they’ll all give you a wide range of sound & color options.

    Nickel Silver Valve Caps

    Our gorgeous Nickel Silver Valve Caps are extremely lightweight, and we also offer heavier options. The Lotus petal shapes make it very easy to get a tight grip, ensuring they’ll never get stuck, unlike many other caps. You can choose between 3 options: Small & Super-Lightweight Large & Lightweight (Hollow Bottom Caps) Large & Heavy (Weighted Bottom Caps)


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