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An ENORMOUS Sound For Soloists In Any Style


A tremendous amount of full-spectrum projection, wall-to-wall in the largest or the most intimate of spaces


Its extra thick & creamy, warm tone has earned it the nickname "Dark Chocolate" here at LOTUS

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  • Medium-Narrow Taper

  • Final Diameter: 145mm (5.71")

Stem: Copper  

Flare: Phosphor Bronze

This bell has a moderately-shaped taper throughout, but it's just a bit larger than average, which makes it great for producing a massive amount of sound and a lot of flexibility.​

The final flare diameter is quite oversized compared to common trumpets, which helps give the sound a wider projection and a richer core to the sound.

The Copper stem produces an incredibly wide range of tone colors while the very large Phosphor Bronze flare adds overall stability, increased projection, and extra richness to the sound.



  • Heavy-weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Heavy-weight

  • Machined in Yellow Brass

  • 1.1mm (.043") wall thickness

This leadpipe provides an extremely fast and powerful response, much like driving a very fast car -- the notes only require a light touch of the gas pedal to go VRRRROOOM!!!


It also enriches your sound with added depth, and effortlessly projects throughout even the largest spaces.

While it's certainly possible to custom order a lighter-weight leadpipe & receiver, the traits we really appreciate about this horn are most fully expressed with our heaviest leadpipe which maximizes both stability and projection. Having a little extra bit of weight in this critical place brings you a level of security that can open new creative doors.


Ships with 2 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.


Keep your favorite, and/or purchase the additional slide as well, if you find them both useful for different settings. ​

Phosphor Bronze is perhaps the most popular slide with this model, but we encourage you try both and discover your own preference.


Ships with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps​:

  • Medium

  • Heavy


Keep your favorite Top & Bottom Caps, and/or purchase additional caps, if you find them useful as well.

One common configuration is to use the Lightweight Top Caps with two Medium Bottom Caps & one Heavy Cap on the 3rd valve.

Solo MAX 6 - DSC_8594_edited.jpg

As with any great dark chocolate, there are still plenty of bright, fruity notes in this sound, but also loads of cocoa butter fattening up everything you play. In other words, this horn produces a full-bodied sound complete with shiny overtones, but it was nicknamed "Dark Chocolate" because of the incredible abundance of warmth it produces in all registers, at all dynamics.

Soloists looking for a horn to bring as much depth and body to their sound as possible, with a predisposition towards playing warm & sweet, yet still capable of entering Beast-Mode and soaring over any sized ensemble... will adore this horn.

Our Medium cup mouthpieces pair spectacularly with this horn, especially in Nickel Silver. Of course, a Large or XL cup will obviously have a huge tone, but the really amazing combo with this horn is just how rich and full-bodied the medium cups sound, with the horn applying a filter of deep, saturated tone color, while the cup simultaneously sets off a canopy of shimmering fireworks over everything. It’s an out-of-this-world sound for a soloist in any style -- just a tremendous amount of full-spectrum trumpet presence in either the largest or the most intimate of spaces.

And all the while, it plays with shocking stability which absolutely gives you wings to go places you’d never even dare to try for on your old horn.