Silver (Left) 8648_high.jpg

A Large, Distinctive Sound

With Lots of Shine

Ideal for Jazz and Contemporary soloists

Silver (right) 8639_high_edited.jpg



  • Medium-Large Taper

  • Final Diameter: 140mm (5 ½")

Stem:  Yellow Brass  

Flare:  Pure Silver

This bell has a moderately-shaped taper throughout, but it's just a bit larger than average, which makes it great for producing a massive amount of sound and a lot of flexibility.

The final flare diameter is oversized compared to common trumpets, which helps give the sound a wider projection and a richer core to the sound.

This is the only bell we produce with a flare of pure silver, and it has a very different sound signature as a result.  

Soloists looking for a wide range of expression with a unique palate of colors will find lots to love about this horn.  

As Marcus Printup's gorgeous playing conveys so well, the best way to describe this tone is that it’s sweet & juicy; thick & rich and also very shiny at the same time.  



  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Nickel Silver

  • 0.9mm (.035") wall thickness

This leadpipe provides an incredibly fast response, helps stabilize note targets, and adds a brilliant sheen to the sound.

Nickel Silver creates a similar effect when used for mouthpieces and leadpipes, so everything you read about our Nickel Silver mouthpieces can be applied here as well.  

With the bell flare of this horn being made of pure Silver, there was a need to balance that soft material, and the relative instability it can bring to the overall playing qualities if left unchecked.  The stabilizing & focusing qualities of our Nickel Silver leadpipe work perfectly to counteract any loss of those qualities, which allows us to present a horn that's just as easy to play as our other models, yet has an entirely different range of timbres.


Available with 2 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Keep your favorite, and/or

purchase the additional slide as well, if you find them both useful for different settings.

Phosphor Bronze is perhaps the most popular slide with this model, but we encourage you try both and discover your own preference. 


Can Ship with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps​:

  • Medium

  • Heavy

Keep your favorite Top & Bottom Caps, and/or purchase 

additional caps, if you find them useful as well.

One common configuration is to use the Lightweight Top Caps with two Medium Bottom Caps & one Heavy Cap on the 3rd valve. 

Silver bell - DSC_8672_edited.jpg
Silver caps - DSC_8667.jpg

This is a truly unique and sweet trumpet sound.  As with every Lotus, it's incredibly stable, but there’s an added level of flexibility and a different range of colors from the rest of our line, thanks very much to the silver flare, but also the particular combination of metals used elsewhere throughout the horn.  Though the geometry is the same as our MAX models, the recipe of which-metals-go-where gives it an entirely different personality, tone quality and playing feel.

Of all the people who fell in love when we unveiled this model at ITG '19, Marcus Printup is the one that we were most excited about.  Having such a well-rounded and soulful player choose one of our horns to define his voice is a very gratifying honor, and this horn's distinctive blend of warm fatness in the core surrounded by an icy sheen really fits his voice perfectly.