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 2020-12-18 - Lotus Trumpets Adam Rapa-6
2020-12-18 - Lotus Trumpets Adam Rapa-66

LOTUS Trumpets are "Made to Order" & Sold Direct

Here's how it works:

  • Contact us to discuss which horn would fit you best

  • After making a 50% deposit, we build the horn and send it to you ASAP (Average turnaround time: 12 weeks)

  • You can try the horn for a week or two, use it on your gigs, and really give it a thorough test-drive.  If it's LOVE, then pay us the other 50% and the horn is yours!

  • If it's not a perfect fit, we can either swap it out for another model, or refund your deposit.  EASY.

Why try a horn in a shop when you can try it at home, or anywhere else, for an entire week?

What better way to be sure it's right for you?!

To continue with ordering a trumpet, please contact us

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