Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Working with such a wonderful team, united with the purpose of creating the world’s greatest trumpets, is a dream come true.

It’s been an unparalleled pleasure considering every single detail of each horn in our arsenal, and designing many of the features that set LOTUS Trumpets apart.

I’ve been obsessing over the smallest details of my equipment for decades, and I’ve had the great fortune of working with some of the brightest minds in the business. Now, with the LOTUS team, we’re bringing to life what I consider to be the ultimate trumpets.
For me, this adventure began as a musician wanting to own my dream trumpets. In a way, that’s how it will always be. Every horn we make and sell is a horn I would be proud to personally own. I make every final decision regarding the design of our horns, and I do it by play testing in controlled experiments that lead to clear answers about what works best.

You have my personal guarantee that there will never be a single difference between the LOTUS trumpets in your case and the LOTUS trumpets in mine. And you’ll never find a player with a higher standard than mine.

Rest assured, I will always be committed to providing for us both the absolute best possible gear. Period. Our research and development is massive. Our play-testing and road-testing is exhaustive. With boundless curiosity in exploring uncharted design possibilities, we are on the cutting edge of trumpet development, and we always will be.

We have an unwavering commitment to your success as a trumpet player, and I promise you, we will never compromise on the excellence of your trumpets.