Our menu is a curated set of masterfully designed, highly useful mouthpieces for trumpet & flugelhorn

Most are 'Best in Class' examples of standard cup types, while others have more distinct shapes

They're all tremendously rich in color & vibrancy, and optimized to give you a performance boost for every style


The cup sizing is the same as for clothing, ranging from XL to XS

Every cup comes in 4 different rim sizes: 1, 2, 3, 7

(Loosely related to Bach sizing)

Rim consistency makes it easy to switch between cups for all of your needs

After you read about all the cups below, our 

Size Comparison Chart will help you find the right fit

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LOTUS Mouthpiece Throat Sizes

  • XL2, L, L2, M = 3.9mm  (between #23-24)  aka: "Symphonic" throat size


  • M2 = 3.7mm  (between #26-27)

  • XL, S = 3.8mm  (between #24-25)

  • XS = 3.6mm  (between #27-28)

  • F-XL = 4.6mm  (between #14-15)

  • F-L = 4.55mm  (#15)

  • F-M = 4.0mm  (between #21-22)

Since many people do ask about the throat size, we're providing those measurements here, but try not to over-think this parameter.  The throat size alone doesn't determine the level of resistance or playability you'll experience.  It's really a question of the complete geometric recipe between the throat, the backbore shape and the gap created in your horn.  


We've put tremendous care into finding the perfect balance with each design, and we're sure you'll find every mouthpiece to blow quite easily and appropriate for their intended purpose.  

XL   XL2   L   L2   M   M2   S   XS  |  F-XL   F-L   F-M

Classical players:  Think of this cup as an orchestral performance enhancement drug (...that’s perfectly legal.)


We’ve redesigned our XL cup to be particularly useful for orchestral players; especially the 1XL & 2XL.  It has the kind of fullness that appeals to folks looking for that extra dimension of sound beyond a 1¼ C or 1C.  It’s more closely related to a 1B in terms of its breath of sound, while offering a huge upgrade in the upper register.  If you’ve ever fallen in love with your sound on a B cup but decided against using it because it felt restrictive in the upper register, or endurance-wise, then it’s time to try again!  


This mouthpiece lets you maintain a sweet sound with tremendous core, and without too much brilliance.  Once you finally open up and start playing above forte, then it begins to shine.  This can really help you to blend within your ensemble, and avoid getting “the hand” from the conductor.  It’s also great for helping you ace all the articulation qualities the repertoire demands with ease.  In fact it’s quite hard to produce a harsh or ugly articulation on this mouthpiece, which feels pretty magical.  Ideal for:


  • Orchestral playing with a warm concept of sound

  • Small halls & Chamber music

  • The repertoire of Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, etc.

  • French repertoire

  • Opera

  • Rotary Trumpet

Jazz players:  This mouthpiece instantly adds a very warm, thick, sophisticated sound to your ballad playing, or any other playing with a gentile approach related to Chet Baker, Blue Mitchell, etc.  Don’t worry about using a heavy or large-bore trumpet without seeing how much richer your sound becomes just by using this mouthpiece.    


Classical players and Jazzers alike who enjoy deeper bowl cups will find this mouthpiece a no-questions upgrade.

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