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Giant Range of Tone Colors ​​

Incredibly Flexible in Sound & Facility


Great for both Jazz & Classical Soloists

Still perfectly suitable for Section Playing




  • Medium-Narrow Taper

  • Final Diameter: 140mm (5 ½")

Stem:  Copper  

Flare:  Phosphor Bronze

This bell is very easy to play 

because of its fairly narrow taper.


The final flare diameter is oversized compared to common trumpets, which helps give the sound a wider projection and a richer core to the sound.


The magic of this bell is how warm the tone is when you play soft, and how much it screams when you step on the gas.


This dichotomy makes it an ideal instrument for soloists, as your range of expression can be that much greater. 


Those looking for the absolute fattest solo sound possible might prefer our MAX models, which have larger bell tapers, but if you favor the easiest, most secure playing experience while still getting a gorgeous range of tone colors to enrich your creative voice, this horn's for you.



  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Medium Weight

  • Machined in Bronze

  • 0.9mm (.035") wall thickness

This leadpipe provides an incredibly fast response,

enriches your sound with a transparency that adds 

MORE of whatever you give it, 

and projects very well in large spaces.

A common custom order option is to choose our heavyweight 

leadpipe & receiver, to maximize both stability and projection,


...while still enjoying the benefit of a bell shape & overall geometry which make it extremely efficient and easy to play, on even the hardest of gigs.


Ships with 2 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn.  


Keep your favorite, and/or

purchase the additional slide as well, if you find them both useful for different settings.

Phosphor Bronze is perhaps the most popular slide with this model, but we encourage you try both and discover your own preference. 


Ships with multiple options:

Top Caps:

  • Light

  • Heavy

Bottom Caps​:

  • Medium

  • Heavy

Keep your favorite Top & Bottom Caps, and/or purchase 

additional caps, if you find them useful as well.

One common configuration is to use the Lightweight Top Caps with two Medium Bottom Caps & one Heavy Cap on the 3rd valve. 


The fairly narrow bell stem (same as the Universal model) provides super easy note-slotting, while the large phosphor bronze flare projects the sound far and wide.  It also ensures that you'll be able to blend into trumpet sections easily.


When you play soft, the copper bell stem responds with a very warm, creamy tone, and can take on almost a cornet-like sweetness.  That makes it delightful for chamber playing and small group Jazz.  But once you step on the gas, it lights up like crazy!  That’s when the bell shape asserts its nature, and gives you tons of sparkle to enrich your soloistic tone.  


If you use a lead mouthpiece, it’s a killing lead & commercial sound with tremendous personality — a fat, rich core surrounded by gorgeous fireworks.  Yet with our XL & XXL cups, your audience will get the impression you're playing on an enormous beast of a horn.  This flexibility in character is why Jazz players, Lead players and Classical players all fall in love with this horn. 

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