Let’s help you find the closest rim size 

to your current mouthpiece

We offer 4 different rim diameters with a very comfortable, familiar feel, especially if you’re accustomed to playing on Bach-type rims.

No excessive inner “bite” which can hurt endurance, nor excessively pillowy feel which can impede articulation — just super comfortable, middle-of-the-road shapes that you’ll find quite lovely on the lips.

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LOTUS Mouthpiece Rim-Size Comparisons

(For rough approximation only)



17.12mm / 0.67"


16.85mm / 0.66"


16.6mm / 0.65"


16.3mm / 0.64"

Bach 1 - 1¼

Monette B2

Schilke 14

Yamaha 17

Warburton 3

Bach 1½ - 2

Monette B3/B4

Schilke 13

Yamaha 16

Warburton 4

Bach 3

Monette B6

Schilke 11

Yamaha 14

Warburton 5

Bach 7 - 10½ 

Monette MF / BL2

Schilke 6

Yamaha 11

Warburton 7

This chart is a modest attempt at helping you determine which LOTUS Mouthpieces may come the closest to your current ones.​  

Since many makers already offer their own charts in terms of Bach equivalents, we’ve also listed the same rough equivalents, along with some others, which should suffice for most players.

There really ought to be a disclaimer about how these are only rough equivalents.  We'd advise you not to pay to much attention to comparing the inner-diameter measurements between brands.  There's absolutely no standardized point from which to take those measurements, so they're actually quite arbitrary.  The contour of a rim can totally change how it feels on your face, while the numbers alone may tell a different story.  If you're not sure which rim size to choose, trying two different rim sizes will certainly help you find the perfect fit.  We make that easy with our industry-leading return & exchange policy.

Hopefully this is enough information to help you make an informed choice about which size (or sizes) of LOTUS Mouthpieces to try.  


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