For rough approximation only Let’s start by helping you identify the closest rim equivalent to your current mouthpiece. We offer 4 different rim diameters with a very comfortable, familiar feel, especially if you’re accustomed to playing Bach-type rims. No excessive inner “bite” which can hurt endurance, nor excessively pillowy feel which can impede articulation —…

Our cups are simply sized like clothing, ranging from XS to XL The cup volumes can generally be described as: XS (Roughly equivalent to a Bach F cup) This is an extremely shallow cup with a laser-beam focus. For players who know how to drive such a zippy little sports car, it doesn’t get any…

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HERE it is, folks! A complete tour of all the Lotus Bb Trumpets. Which one do YOU want the most?

What an experience playing the Lotus Lead horn live! SO many shiny, high-end harmonics filling the room. People’s eyes opened up WIDE. Big thanks to Jerimum Big Band in Natal and the ABT Festival for a great time! Your hospitality was incredible!

Adam Rapa demonstrates his 4-valve Lotus Trumpet (by Glendon Gross)

Norrbotten Big Band trying LOTUS Trumpets Had the pleasure of meeting the Norrbotten Big Band in Sweden. Great trumpet section! Here’s a video of them all playing Lotus trumpets. What are the differences you can hear?

Jeseé Sadoc trying Lotus trumpets What a pleasure to hear Jeseé Sadoc play Lotus horns! We’re working on getting horns out to dealers so you can try these trumpets for yourself. If you wanna help speed up the process – write a comment with your favorite local dealer

Fabinho Costa trying Lotus Trumpets Holy ****! Fabinho Costa sounds AMAZING! His sound filled the entire room. Here’s a video of him trying all the different Lotus models one after the other. Which one do you like the most?